Hurricane Resources for Psychiatrists

With Hurricane season upon us, the NCPA Disaster Committee has compiled resources and guides on how mental health professionals can help the public prepare for and cope with the immediate aftermath of hurricanes, floods, and other traumatic events. 

Psychological First Aid Manual

Considerations after Hurricane Matthew Mental Health In Disaster Powerpoint

Disaster Preparedness & Response Resources

Mental Health After a Disaster

Helping Families Deal with the Stress of Relocation After a Disaster

Current Road Conditions

Local / County Emergency Contacts

Flood Information and Resources

Resources for Home Owners

Resources for Small Business Owners

Patient Resources

Healthcare Ready is a non-profit that works to ensure patients access to healthcare, including medicines during times of disaster.

Rx Open is a free online map showing open pharmacies in affect areas.

If you have a medication that requires prior authorization request the 72-hour emergency override from your pharmacist, as required by Federal law. There is no limit to the number of 72-hour overrides that a pharmacy may enter until the prior authorization can be obtained. Pharmacists also have the ability to override an early refill of a non-controlled medication that is lost due to flooding.

Healing After Pet Loss

Helping Children Through Pet Loss

LME/MCO Directory with Crisis Phone Numbers

SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990

Flood Information and Resources

Flooding can be one of the greatest threats following a hurricane. Click here for information on recovering after the flood.