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Statement from the North Carolina Psychiatric Association
Approved by the NCPA Executive Council, June 8, 2020

 "In the end, it is not the words of our enemies we will remember, but the silence of our friends."
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The North Carolina Psychiatric Association (NCPA) strongly condemns the systemic, institutional racism that has infected America for centuries. NCPA supports the statement by the American Psychiatric Association (linked here). NCPA stands in solidarity with those demanding racial justice and the eradication of police brutality - and the societal indifference which perpetuates it - across the United States. In unequivocal terms, Black Lives Matter. 

In a year marked by an endless stream of global crises, we recognize that Black Americans face disproportionate levels of trauma due to racial inequities and discrimination. Most recently, this has been documented by the disparate loss of Black lives to COVID-19. The toll of these disparities impacts all Blacks living in our communities, including Black physicians working in health institutions across the country. 

NCPA understands it is not enough to simply offer support and declare we are against racism. Rather, we must be actively anti-racist in order to propel real, lasting change. In full transparency, NCPA does not currently have a Black psychiatrist on this year's Executive Council, and other minorities only hold a quarter of all voting positions. NCPA can and must do better. NCPA is committed to doing so by placing a greater emphasis on diversity in future nominations for leadership positions within NCPA. We intend to evaluate other immediate and long-term actions we can take to acknowledge white privilege, diversify our leadership, and demonstrate our commitment to actively combat racism. 

These efforts will take place in all years ahead - not only this week or this month while wounds are still fresh in our collective hearts and minds. NCPA's hope is that this pivotal moment in history leads to greater peace, justice, and culturally competent mental health care for current and future generations.

Practitioners CAN Prescribe Buprenorphine Via Telemedicine Communication

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