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New Eight-Hour Training Requirement for all DEA Registered Practitioners

With the removal of the X-waiver for MAT, there is a new requirement for all new and renewing DEA registration to attest to 8 hours of training on the treatment/management of patients with opioid or SUD addictions. Exceptions include: recent (within 5 years) graduation from training, addiction board certification, previous MAT training. This is a one time training that can be done in combination with other trainings total 8 hours. Learn More

Public Health Emergency to End in May

President Biden has announced that the COVID Public Health Emergency (PHE) will end on May 11, 2023. The PHE waived a number of restrictions on the use of telehealth, however when the PHE ends several pre-pandemic regulations will be back in effect. Including:

  • Those registered with the DEA will be required to have an in-person visit (at least once, even pre-pandemic) with a patient in order to prescribe controlled substances
  • Health care professionals will be required to have a DEA registration in any state which they are prescribing controlled substances
  • The use of a HIPAA-compliant messaging software for telehealth

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